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Edgewater Community VS the CTA

This morning it was the Edgewater Community Council against the CTA. Or with the CTA. Or with the neighborhood. After reading about it on Gapersblock, I learned that citizens would be storming the Thorndale stop of the redline with windex and paint buckets. I forwarded it on to my Condo Association and this morning, two of us set out to make our neighborhood a little nicer.

We walked up to the train station and saw about 20 people already working, everyone in a red t-shirt. Turns out that Thybony’s donated (or provided cheap) paint, brushes, and red t-shirts. So we signed in, put red shirts over our sweatshirts, donned nametags, and grabbed brushes. We were seperated and set to task. Within 1 1/2 hours, the overpass of the redline was completely repainted at teh Thorndale stop. No injuries, no major paint spills, just a great job.

If you are ever in the area, you can admire a post that we painted and I’m quite proud of. It backs up to a wrought iron fence and I had to “just go cut that in and try not to paint the fence.” I did most of it and then my upstairs neighbor joined me to finish. I said, “See those guys, look at all the paint they got on their fence. Let’s keep this clean.”

We did a fantastic post with very little paint of the fence. Those are my bragging rights. And since we were done so quickly, I didn’t even have to cut out early. I was able to get home, change clothes and go to shabbat services. That’s an awful lot to do before noon.

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