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Esquire Magazine.. publication nears!

Today (well, yesterday maybe) I got my official esquire email addy for the “Brutally Honest Personal Ad” Remember, months ago I mentioned that I’d found it on Craig’s List (which is how I met Craig of Craig’s List fame) and that I’d written one as a laugh. Then a couple months ago, I met up with Miia and Maureen at Phene Arms in London to celebrate making the first cut.

That led to submitting a digital photo and editing and now to being assigned an email addy.

Now the June magazine is weeks away from hitting the newstand and I am weeks away from humiliation at a national level.

The upswing has been meeting (on email) all the other people and finding out we are a pretty good-sense-of-humored bunch. I don’t think anyone is looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, but more looking for some good story telling.

Gold medal date stories coming soon. All will be better than London Speed Dating and the “Blog Reader.”

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