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Eunike Baby Names

My sister and brother-in-law are having baby number one this winter. Instead of going out on a limb and creating a name, they have gone with a classic name. It isn’t in the top ten this year, but it is universally pronouncable and spellable. Here are some names that aren’t so classic. It was, however, in the top ten in 1880, the top forty in the 1940’s, and was gone by the 1970’s when we were born.


The names found near the bottom of the 2004 BabyCenter Baby Names List reveal how far some parents will go to help their child stand out. In fact, the 2004 list contained Eunike, Uniquee, and I’Unique — all girls’ names. The 2004 BabyCenter Baby Names List also shows more variety in girl names, with 9% of girls’ parents compared to 6% of boys’ parents selecting a name spelled like no other.

Parents who take the inventive approach to naming their child often take inspiration from their own hobbies and interests, as well as wishes for their child’s future. Children with these names found on the 2004 BabyCenter Baby Names List are likely to be the only one in the classroom:

  1. Herbs and spices: Curry, Nutmeg, Sorel

  2. Ethnic food: Tahini, Farfalla, Sushi

  3. Drinks: Chianti, Chardonnay, Hennessey

  4. Military: Commander, Jeneral, Appomattox

  5. Repeat after me: YouYou, LooLoo, ChiChi

  6. Brands: Ikea, Disney, Infiniti

  7. Kreativ classics: Kathwren, Aeryk, Maksymilian

  8. Long: Breighanna, Kwynncey, Ayreeanna

  9. Star power: Charysma, Mysteek, Zenith

  10. Peaceful: Zurrenity, Phaith, Ohm

  11. Rambunctious: Reynger, Wrangler, Blazer

  12. Celebrities: Brandeau, Madawna, Bryttanni

  13. Royalty: Umajesty, Quena, Royale

  14. Musical: Tymphani, Symphaney, Lyrick

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