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experiments with yogurt

After getting a “stop eating bagels for breakfast” lecture yesterday from my Mom, I decided to experiment with yogurt this morning. Something I used to eat all the time, I have since developed some dairy sensitivities. I won’t go so far as to admit I’m lactose intolerant, but it doesn’t always sit well.

Greasy pizzas and brie are two diary items that send my stomach into knots. I also remember a rather unpleasant week when I started WW two years ago of having Kashi and Yogurt for breakfast. Looking four months pregnant because of a little dairy isn’t my idea of fun.

A friend last night suggested it was the Kashi and not the yogurt that inflated my belly. So this morning, I took everyone’s advice and got yogurt with granola at Metropolis this morning instead of a bagel with cream cheese. It has now been at least five hours since I had it and I’m only now getting hungry (instead of the 11:30 crash I get at work on bagel days) and I don’t look pregnant.

Since I’m not a bloated, uncomfortable mess, I have decided to recreate this yummy breakfast at home and a little more WW friendly. I went to Dominick’s and got some granola (Not ready to risk it with Kashi), dried cranberries, fat free Stonyfield yogurt, almonds and some baggies. I am going to sit here and measure out 1/3 cup of this, 1 cup of that, 6 of those into baggies–then this week, all I have to do is grab a baggie and a Tupperware (that is also really generic) of fat free yogurt and head to work. I’ll still get my coffee–which the doctor will have to pry from my cold dead hands before I’ll give it up–but I’ll pass on the bagel.

I hope everyone understands that this effects more than me. There are at least 6 baristas at Metropolis who know that I get a bagel and a mondo coffee in the morning. I’m finally a regular and now I’m gonna go and change on them. Terribly unfair balance of customer realities, but it must be done.

Let the Yogurt Experiment Begin!

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