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February 5th.

Alrightythen. February 5 is just over a week away and that’s the day I’ll be getting my heart checked out by a doctor. According to Dr. Mom, I might have mitral valve prolapse. According to Dr. Google, I might have tachycardia. According to Dr. Anonymous, it could hyperthyroid. So Dr. The One I’m Going To See has a few things to pick from.

It has been getting better. I’ve been limiting my caffiene and trying to notice what I eat or drink that makes it worse. Seems like wine makes it worse than coffee. So I’ll cut out wine for the next week and see what happens. And there is the mysterious mole that is going to be inspected by a dermatologist. Jeebus. Just a few weeks from turning 30 and my body decided that “autopilot” isn’t such a great idea.

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