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Fish dont think about water

I’ve been trying to find some sort of happy medium between being honest with men about my conversion and just pretending I’m already jewish (or not even considering conversion.) When I say to someone (we are talking dating scene, here), “I’m converting to judaism.” They seem to think, “RUN! ZEALOT! ORTHODOX! FRUM! BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN!!! RUN RUN RUN!!!” and they do.

What one person told me is that Born Jews have trouble understanding Jews By Choice, because they never have to think about being jewish. They just are, like fish don’t think about water–it just is. Here I am–making a huge choice that is rarely seen without a fiance on the scene.

Where I thought it would be a relief to men, “She has already decided to convert, we won’t have to fight with Grandma on this one. Whew.” It is more like, “RUN RUN RUN! She BELIEVES IN GOD!”

I don’t know how to explain that I’m religious, but still the same, fun person I was when I wasn’t. Probably a better version of myself, but not a wierd zealot. Just Leah with some faith on top.

Beat’s me. I think I’ll take a break from dating again.

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