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Foil peeled, sequins applied.

I still haven’t accomplished the cleaning I need to get to, but I have glued sequins to a wine glass for the Prophet Elijah. I have a simply stunning Miriam’s Cup that I received for my Bat Mitzvah, but Elijah was without. Not anymore, Elijah has a silly, fun bejeweled glass and that, my friends, is the type of Seder I hope to be hosting on Tuesday night.

After realizing that a few of us were second night sederless, I caved into peer pressure and am having a few people over for a vegetarian pot-luck seder. Why vegetarian? I’d rather have dairy than meat, so take that. My friend Erin is making a matzah lasagne, I’m making israeli salad and too many desserts, another guest is bringing the Charoset. Who knows if it will all make sense

together, but I’m sure we’ll laugh plenty.

I had a realization about stickiness and temperature this morning. I froze my matzah brittle and was able to liberate it from the aluminum foil–much like Moses liberated the Israelites from Egypt. Only instead of ten plagues, I just used a very cold, small space.

I also made macaroons, but not the awesome recipe from Foodmomiac. Sorry Danielle, it involved something called a food processor and seperating eggs. Erm. Yeah. Too complicated for a last minute attempt. Instead I made a recipe that called for condense milk, coconut, extracts and salt. Much more my speed and ability.

Now I just need to find a place to buy some matzah. According to Safeway, no Jews live in Edgewater and there is nothing available this year. Sure, there are some crates of matzah for $1.99, but I’m suspect of food that costs less than the price of the cardboard holding the food. Anyone wanna drive me to the Kosher Jewel on Howard? The day before Passover?

Didn’t think so.

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