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For a nice time call…

So I’ve been to a few big industry events this week and I thought I would write a few things here about what I think a party needs for people to have a nice time. Granted, this is a very personal list and I know that I’m not always the audience, but I’m really thinking Web 2.0 social events. Geek events.

In no particular order.

1. Name tags and big markers. I think name tags are key. I make my friends wear name tags at my birthday parties. I think people are friendlier with name tags on. When you have a bunch of people who only know each other online, give ’em a break and help them meet each other by providing name tags.

2. Lower the volume on the music. That I can talk after going to a DIGG party, a Mashable Party and some rockin’ BlogHer parties is beyond me, because those events were not created for people to have conversations. Funny thing is, we all went to talk to new friends and old friends. Unfortunately we had to scream at them instead of talk to them. If you need to blast music, don’t. At least not before 10PM, okay?

3. Raise the lights. I walked into the DIGG party tonight and my eyes took 8-10 minutes to adjust to the darkness of the SmartBar. Um… I’m looking for people I only recognize in a thumbnail photo without name tags in a room with no cell phone service. I don’t need romance, I need to find my people.

4. Food and drink. Here’s a hint. If you’re event starts before 7PM, I’m gonna assume there will be food. I knew better and ate on my way to DIGG tonight, but if it is so early that I can’t go home and eat, then make it somewhere with a kitchen so I can. Also try and make it possible for me to easily get to the bar. The Digg event had two bars, excellent. The Mashable in SF, only one, not excellent.

I guess what I’m saying is, “can’t we just have all these events on the Moody’s patio? You give us name tags and pay the tab and we’ll all mingle and listen to your news.”

UPDATE: Here is Blagica’s analysis and wrap-up of the event.

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