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Geek Dinner

Tonight was our second geek dinner. Code name for PR practitioners that blog and their friends. It was me, Phil Gomes , Leticia , Eric Tatro , Dubi and Tom Ciesielka (whose last name escapes me, even though he told me twice.) Chris , who organized the dinner this month, was a no-show. We hope it was just a scheduling conflict and not anything serious.

Lucky for us, he chose well. We went to the South Water Kitchen. A little expensive for a blogger meet-up, but delish. I had a thick tomato soup and a spring linguini. It was a nice group and a nice dinner. I found out just how much I use and enjoy Twitter. It came out of my mouth far too many times for a reasonable dinner.

(On a side note. A bill to outlaw low riding pants?!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?)

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