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Go Red for Women

I had the pleasure of participating in a brainstorm for the Go Red for Women campaign. (AHA is an Edelman client. I got permission to blog about this, but am not getting paid to talk about it. I don’t work on the account, just participated in the brainstorm. It just struck me that it matters and I damn well better tell the women in my life about it.) Don’t know what it is? It’s about Heart Health. (You do know that we lose more women to heart disease than breast cancer, right?)

Did you know that unlike other causes of death among women, it is preventable? Did you know there is a site you can use to get an idea of your health heart?

It’s funny. Remember a few months ago when I was having heart problems and complaining of a sloshing heart. It took sloshing and irregular beats for me to get into the doctor. All that was needed for me was electrolyte (Potassium) but I also had an EKG, cholesterol, and blood pressure checked. That’s all you need checked to find out your heart health.

Pretty easy.

So why, then, do so many women our age fail to get the testing? We go to the OB/Gyn, get paps, get mamograms, but don’t do anything about our hearts. Take a minute, will you, and put your hand on your heart.

Do you feel it beating in there? I’ll be quiet. B-bump, b-bump, b-bump. Steady, perfect. Do you love your heart? Of course you do, but you might take it for granted. You do know that if it stops beating that you die. If it stops then your life stops and all the lives you are connected to… they lose you.

How many people fit in your heart? All those people want you to include Heart Health in your next doctor’s appoint. Weight. Cholesterol. Blood Pressure.

That’s it. That’s all you gotta monitor. And if things are high, you change your lifestyle and PREVENT Heart Disease.

Who knew it was so simple? You do know. Please leave a comment and promise me that you’ll go to Go Red and do the Go Red Heart Check-up. Go to your doctor. And then say… tell some women. So that we save lives.

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