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Goal setting


Tomorrow morning is my first date. With a person trainer. I’m going to allow someone to make me exercise. And the question asked by my team at work is, “What are your goals?”

GOALS? Goal? I don’t need no stinkin’ goals.

Oh, wait, maybe I do.

1. Get below ,y last lowest WW weight.

2. Look smokin’ in my new tshirt from Threadless. 99 Luftballoons. (and get back into my Johnny Knoxville tshirt.)

3. Buy all new jeans in size 14.

4. Do an hour on the eliptical.

I dunno. What are exercise goals? What would be good goals? Wake up without a sore back. Not have an asthma attack after a particularly fast merengue. Feel positive after I eat a salad. Run a 5K? Ride my bike to the loop and back?


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