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Good Times Maynard

“We’ll be hanging out till at least ten.” I should know better than to try and put a time limit on my friends. Last night I called up a few people and said, “Moody’s on Broadway. 7PM. Be there or be square.” A nice group of folks came–my friend Tim (a week away from his wedding, so it was a de facto bachelor party for him), my most recent roommate Jon, Beth visiting from Indy, a former co-worker Jen, Cathy & Ashqi. Later three neighbors showed up.

We all ate burgers and drank sangria and laughed. Then we grabbed a few more things at the convenience store and laughed until three in the morning. Goodness.

It was great. I haven’t seen Beth in at least 6 month, probably more. I haven’t seen Jon since we moved out of our apartment. It was just a fantastic group of people and I love having people in my home–it makes it feel much more homelike when the laughter isn’t from the TV.

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