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Goodbye Career Girl

Well, my company has finally published blogging guidelines. I knew it was coming. Blogging is too hot a topic across the board not to be a hot topic in PR. This afternoon we got the guidelines and before I read the email and realized it was to the whole staff, I thought it was just to me.

So, in order to avoid being dooced, I’ll make sure to watch what I write. Unless I buy some great shoes to go with a great skirt that I wear to work. Or if I find a great new lunch place near the Terrorist Target. Or if I meet Mr. Right on the elevator. Or if I have another day when I run into 15 people I know who also work in the Terrorist Target.

Actually, that happened this week. I ran into a number of people in the lobby of the TT. A customer from the shop, an upstairs neighbor, and a friend from temple.

This morning, the IT guy came by and moved my computer to a new cube. That’s right–a new cube. I know have twice the space I did when I started, but a less indirect view out the window. Bummer. It was a lovely afternoon, sitting in a cubicle devoid of clutter. I only moved the phone and the computer. I didn’t even move one pen or peice of paper. I just sat in the emptyness.

Towards the end of the day, I gave in and started moving UPS supplies and empty file folders. But I am enjoying the Zen of the empty cube for now.

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