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Green Chile in London

The Heaven’s opened today and I was blessed with 4 oz. of chopped Green Chile. I was checking a student out of his room and went to his kitchen. He opened his cabinet and what should appear, one tiny can of Hatch’s Green Chiles. And a can of Jalepenos. And two packets of 505 salsa and green chile sauce.

This begs the question.

What will I do with 4 oz of Green Chile? The 505 Green Chile Sauce is going on top of eggs in the morning. Yum. Maybe I’ll even make some sausages to go with the eggs and green chile sauce.

Durango Friends–what do I do with one can of Green Chiles?

P.S. I already ate the 505 Green Chile sauce on eggs for dinner. Sigh. Now it’s gone, no more. I just have the one, lonely tin of Green Chiles. And some heartburn, but that might be from the sausage, bacon, and egg sandwhich I had for a late lunch. (I am doing the Wendie plan this week (to try and hit a total of 25 lbs lost by christmas) and had to get my points up, the 15 point monstrosity was worth it.)

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