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GSAL at U Chicago?

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend about the possibility of going to Rabbinical school in Jerusalem. Rabbinical school at Hebew Union College is 5 years and if I’m going to leave Chicago, I’m not going to spend it in Cincinati or New York which are the other campuses. She asked why I didn’t get my MA at University of Chicago Divinity School.

I said I’d just never thought about it.

This morning during services I started thinking about it. Not about going back full time, but maybe taking a class. After all, I’m scared of making a bad choice with a graduate degree. Maybe I’m afraid of the commitment. Or the money. Whatever.

After services I headed to lunch with an intuitive friend and she blurted out, “I think you should go to U of Chicago.” Funny, I was thinking about that this morning during services.

So I did it. I just sent an email inquiring about becoming a Graduate Student At Large at the University of Chicago. You can take up to three courses while you decide if a MA is really for you. You get grades and credit toward a MA if you become degree seeking.

Hmmmm… The price is steep $2K a class, but if it keeps me from moving to Israel or Ohio, it might be worth it. Anyone out there know anything about U of C or this sort of program? Thoughts?

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