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Hebrew names that start with M?

Okay, so I’m actually getting close enough to my conversion that I need to pick a Hebrew name. Since my folks accidentally named me after a matriarch, I’m keeping Leah–but am in the market for a second name. I know, I know, you guys have given me suggestions before.

Here are some suggestions from my Rabbi, Cantor, and Ronnie.

Rabbi: margalit (pearl or ruby), penina (same issue) or Odem (ruby only) as to m sounds: michal is a personal favorite. also mital, malka,

Cantor: Margalit is a great choice. I like Meira (light) too.

Ronnie: Oh, and Michal is a very nice name (one of my mom’s favorites) Malka is for old ladies and Mital sounds more Indian than Hebrew. Never heard of anyone named Mital.

And despite the meaning (which, when you think about the whole conversion thing, is oddly appropriate), Limor is actually a common name today. Very modern and Israeli (cultural vs religious). It has no Christian connotations.

Limor–the name Ronnie has suggested–means Myrhh. I say that myrhh is too connected to Christmas, but at the same time–my first shabbat was Christmas, so on another hand it kind of works. WHen I’m a secret agent for the Israeli Defense Force, then I’ll be Limor.

So–Hebrew names that start with M. Or Hebrew names that go nicely with Leah. Or Hebrew names that I should consider.

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