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Help me spec out a laptop, pretty please.

I’m getting close, very very close, to actually buying a new laptop. You all were so helpful with mp3 player info, I thought you might have laptop opinions. Let me start by saying, I really want a Mac. It might not be the right computer for me, but they are super cute.

1. Laptop

2. Built in and easy-to-use wireless.

3. Primarily I use it for internet and writing.

4. But I kind of want to start doing some video stuff.

5. I don’t have tons of music and I don’t watch TV over iTunes. But if I had a computer that could handle more music, I would move more over.

6. I’d like to be able to watch DVDs and perhaps burn a CD.


What size hard drive?

What laptop?

Warranties? Buy it direct from brand or from Best Buy?

I’d like a place with some financing, just cause that would be cheaper than my credit card.

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