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Hey Ego! Into the passenger seat!

Today I had to say, “Hey ego! Get in the passenger seat! You aren’t driving this year!” Why? I got asked to be on (or to be nominated to be on) the board of my shul. My ego wanted to be on it, but my day to day life couldn’t accept the position. I’m already on the board for my Condo building, taking tango lessons, going to services weekly, trying to edit and publish a book, and (oh yeah) working full time. Plus those occasional trips to the gym.

Speaking of book, I also dropped by the Sir Speedy today and picked up the newest version of Accidentally Jewish. My upstairs neighbor has kindly or foolishly offered to read this draft. I cut out 30 pages from the first draft that Emrys read–that meant eliminating some parts that weren’t necessary.

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