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Holy shit! Look at those PUMPKINS!

Today I was standing on Michigan Avenue, waiting for the bus. Keep in mind that yesterday was, “See the orthodox with lulavs” day. Today was “Holy shit! Look at those PUMPKINS!” day. A pick up truck drove by with a trailer. In the truck was one GIGANTIC pumpkin–it would have done some serious damage to a Mini Cooper and was almost the same size. THere were two more GIANT pumpkins in the trailer. They were surrounded by small pumpkins, but the small pumpkins wee so big I couldn’t get my arms halfway around them.

Giant pumpkin day.

Another reason I love Chicago–this city takes Halloween way too seriously. You forget that it is a government of adults and not fourth graders for all the decorations.

Giant pumpkins. Who knows what I’ll see tomorrow.

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