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Hooray! Water! Plumbing! Hooray!

This morning my alarm clock went off way too early and I hit snooze. Then it went off again and I answered it. My cell phone is my alarm clock, so the emergency 5:45 AM phone call I dimissed. The 6AM phone call I answered. It was my upstairs neighbor offering to drive me to the gym to take a shower.


A pipe burst in the middle of the night and the water main was shut off. No water for us. Ah, the joys of ownership. I can’t just call a landlord and complain, I have to deal. But I didn’t really have to deal with much. I took my toothbrush to work and hoped the water would be back on when I got home.

It is. Whew. I’ll make sure I do those dishes tonight, don’t wanna get stuck with butternut squash pan forever.

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