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How did I get all this stuff over here????

I thought packing was going well, until my last sweep of the apartment this morning. Suddenly I am carrying three shopping bags of stuff that would fit in my suitcases. Now I had planned on shipping two of the bags home, but what did I think I was doing hoarding all this stuff? And what if I hadn’t taken and left 1/2 a suitcase at home?

I am culling and have gotten rid of two pairs of shoes and I plan on getting rid of three more. My high heels are the only shoes worth taking back to the states. My trainers are shot, as are my black shoes and fake snakeskin boots. What bit it this morning? The gateways. I have given up on their charm and tossed the gateways into the trash compactor. Also my blue scrubs. Gasp! I have had them since I lived in Cooper Hall and I let the compactor have them for breakfast.

One thing that needs to stay in london, that I can’t quite figure out how to part with, is my grey zip hooded sweatshirt.

Maybe I’ll give it to the homeless guy who begs by the post office. Hmmm.

Anywho, the long and short of it is that I have moved out of my apartment. I am for the next few hours, flatless.

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