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How to get out of the U.S.A.

My dear friend Marnie wrote me today and asked me for some advice on how to get abroad. I thought I would share some good websites and companies and programs to help people get abroad.

The first is my organization, IES. For US college students, IES offers the chance to study in 25 cities and is the organization I used for my semester in Argentina.

The second is an organization where I interned way back in the summer of 1996. Formerly the Overseas Development Network, JustAct is a youth action coalition based in San Francisco. While I was there, JustAct compiled an internship database to help people find alernatives to the peace corp. My friend Colin is now the Executive Director of this superb organization. Another fantastic sister organization in San Francisco is Global Exchange. Global Exchange runs educational trips called “Reality Tours” and also now houses Bike Aid, the program that I worked on at JustAct.

Tied at third at the government programs of BUNAC and JET Programme. BUNAC helps students and young people (considering young is until the age of 30) live in work in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. You get the benefit of a legal visa and the english language. JET is the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme and is the legend of “Oh, I’ll go teach english in Japan and make a ton of money.” The programme has changed over the years, but it still an amazing experience for those who brave the pacific ocean to go to Japan.

After these programs I have to say, do a Google search for “working abroad” or “volunteering abroad.”

There you go, a few options to get out, see the world, and do some good. Tell them I sent you.

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