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I owe you a post, dont I?

I’m finally nearing that zen place pre-bat mitzvah. Three times over the last two days I have burst into tears. Over very little in particular. An email request that was redundant. Not feeling good about my d’var. It being Thursday. I’m not sure really, just tears.

Tonight I left the office at 4:30 and was at shul by 5PM. Huh? I might have to change my hours to 8 to 4 if it is really changing my commute so much. Wow. I was there plenty early for my lesson and found out that we needed an extra seder plate for the women’s seder. I ran home and returned with two minutes to spare. Now my seder plate has been used… I’ll get to that.

I found Rabbi Z, we got the torah out and I chanted my portions a couple times. There are a couple hiccups, but I won’t tell you where. And then we went to the dinner. It was the annual Sisterhood Seder and it was wonderful. I went last year and loved it, so there was no question that I would return this year. Great food, great company, good songs, lovely prayers.

So now I’m in a much better place about this whole bat mitzvah thing. AND. I even made plans to go on a date next week. So things are suddenly turning around. I’ll probably brew some tea and go on a stroll on the beach.

I really appreciate all the emails and calls I’ve gotten over the last couple days. I’m doing much better and will never be able to express my gratitude to my friends and family for everything during this whole experience.

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