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I should be, I am.

I should be culling through the pile of clothes on my floor, deciding what I really need to take with me. All those tank tops that a bra can’t possibly go under? LEAVE THEM HERE! Those pants that I just found that I forgot I owned? LEAVE THEM HERE!

I leave in a matter of hours for Israel. I am beside myself with excitement. I’ve put my itinerary in the hands of my family, my rabbi and a friend who is fluent in Hebrew. God forbid something happens, they all have each other’s emails and can do something.

It goes without saying that I’m also a little scared. I’m not a fearless 21 year old anymore and I’m not going to the most stable part of the world. But I also know that Israel is very safe. I have a mobile, I have people around the world who will notice if I don’t flickr, twitter or blog. I’m also very lucky that plenty of people I know will be in Israel at the same time.

It’s really just a fear the size of my little toe. The piggy that cried wee wee wee all the way home. The rest of me? Totally excited. A few days of real vacation in Tel Aviv, then the conference, then a weekend in Jerusalem, and then? North? South? More Jerusalem? We’ll find out where the country takes me.

I’ll blog, flickr, twitter when I can get online. Keep your expectations low, I’m not taking a laptop and being offline will be good for me. BUT… I’ll find ways to let you know that I’m having a great time and don’t want to leave yet.

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