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If I was Oprah… a few of my favorite things.

While I was sitting, computerless, at Metropolis today, I jotted down a list of things I think would be great presents. Not necessarily for me, but things that get the Leah Stamp of Approval. Mostly they are made by friends or companies that I dig. In no particular order, here they are.

1. Charity’s Crafts. This is my dear friend Sarah’s answer to not being cut out for life in a cubicle. Along with her husband, we were all residence directors in Colorado together. Now he is a pastor, she pours candles and I work in PR. As a young cancer survivor, she also wanted her non-cubicle life to support cancer research, so part of the profits from her soy candle sales go to support various non-profits. Love it. I had the Cucumber Melon Soy Candle and LOVED it. Delish.

2. Israeli Wine Direct Wine Club. This is my business partner’s main gig, importing Israeli wines to the US and then selling them direct to consumer and direct to trade. If you want to give the gift of Israeli wine, then this is the way to go. Disclosure: Richard and I are business partners in MyWineTxt.

3. Metropolis Coffee of the Month. I gave this to my parents last year and rumor is that they loved it. I’ll probably be giving it again this year. Metropolis is a neighborhood coffee joint and often wins awards for great roasts and a great vibe when you visit. Worth the money.

4. Jen Lemen’s Trust Cards. If my heart hadn’t been broken last winter, I never would have turned to Jen Lemen for advice one afternoon. Lemons, lemonade – that’s how our friendship started. I’m thrilled to tell you that you should get to her Etsy shop for these lovely cards. A great stocking stuffer or to slip into a holiday greeting card for a loved one across the world.

5. Goddess Oracle Cards. I was recommended these by an intuitive reader and love them. I have given them to friends and use them occasionally. I usually get the lift I’m looking for.

6. Sassy Designs. This is a bag company that I checked out at the DIY Trunk Show a couple weeks ago. I’m still dreaming about the bag I didn’t buy and waiting to see it on the site. If you want a handmade, sassy bag, then check them out.

7. Poise. Another local, handmade bag shop. I met the founder recently and am friends with her husband through the blogs. I’ve poked around the shop and drooled over her computer bags. Trying to decide between a backpack or one of her lovely designs for the new year.

8. Calvin Marty and The Sunken Ships. I waxed on and on about this band a few weeks ago. Needless to say, I still support the idea of you buying their CD.

9. A Relish membership . Okay, I don’t know if you can give a relish membership, but I’ve been so impressed by the meal planning and recipes that I’ve tried. I hope you can, because this would be great!

10. Local, handmade crafts. After going to the DIY Trunk show, I have much more desire to buy local, handmade things. If you want to do that, come to my synagogue on December 14th, for our Hanukkah Craft & Art fair. I have no idea who all will be there, but my parents will be there selling glass, knitted stuff, prints and paintings.

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