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If I were a bettin woman

I rarely talk blogosphere here, even though it is a big part of my job at Edelman PR. So I’m going to make a blogosphere observation, just so it is on the record.

Jason Calacanis resigned from AOL. He’s the guy that was the CEO of Weblogs Inc, sold it to AOL, turned around Netscape, and has an adorable bull dog. He left a day or two after the CEO of AOL was given the boot.


Ross Levinsohn, President of Fox Interactive, has resigned. He’s the guy that brokered the MySpace deal with Fox. Maybe brokered is the wrong word. (Full disclosure: MySpace is an Edelman client. It is an account that I’ve never worked on.)

Jason and Ross are both in LA, could they team up? I doubt I’m the first person to ask and I’m pretty sure that none of my regular readers give a hoot, but I’m just saying.

We will now return to the regularly scheduled kvetching.

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