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Im terrible at hiatusing… a few thoughts, then back to radio silence.

1. I got word today, as did all the members of my synagogue, that Goldie passed away. Goldie. She recently celebrated her birthday and lit shabbat candles, just a couple weeks ago, really. Three high holidays ago she read haftorah at Rosh Hashanah. She missed last shabbat, but rarely missed anything. She didn’t use a walker, despite being over 90. She was fabulous and loud and sweet. May her memory be for a blessing.

2. I changed my computer wallpaper from this to this. However this one from Hugh is perhaps the best illustration of how I feel.

3. I was already looking forward to going to Hamburg, but now I’m getting ants in my pants to get over there. Why? Because I’m going to be staying here.

4. Last night I went to a reading of The Faith Between Us. One of the pieces read struck very close to home and it wasn’t the one read by the Jew. Buy the book, help these two nice men out.

5. The snow last night wrapped Chicago is a fabulous silence and the piles of snow this morning put me in a fantastic mood. That slipped away during the day and by lunch I was in tears. I’m gonna blame some of that on low blood-sugar. I’m also blaming Mercury which is apparently in retrograde for the 85th time this year. Mercury fucks up communication. I’m also going to blame it on the rain.

6. I think on Tuesday I’ll have news to share. It has been long in coming, but is finally almost here.

7. A lot of people asked me about my book this week. It is still just 5,000 words. shrug. I don’t know when I’ll make a schedule that works for work and writing.

8. Amy is making a ton of progress on Pilcrow, check out the blog. You’ll be hearing a lot more about that in the near future.

9. I’m not all storm clouds. Want proof? Here is the Peanut Butter Jelly Cat and here is the Dramatic Lemur.

10. As of Saturday night, one cloud has lifted. It didn’t take much, but as it did, I learned about a button I have. As in “he really knows how to push your buttons.” I knew and have warned people for 12 years that being blind sided is one of my biggest fears, I now know that silence is another.

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