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In case you didnt read it…

I’m going to shill just a little bit more for my latest Shebrew article (even though the new issue comes out this week and will have my new newest Shebrew column.) I got this comment from Robert Fass of As Long As We Both Shall Live last night.

I wanted to follow up and let you know that Harold and Dorothy, the couple from my project you chose for the photograph, are sending the link to your article to everyone they know – and not just for their photo (it’s already been in the Christian Science Monitor, Riverdale Times and a couple of European papers), but because it is, as Harold said, “a beautiful and meaningful article.”

Thanks again for putting it together!

Best, Robert Fass

I can honestly say that no single post or article I’ve ever written has had such a positive response from so many people. *insert Oscar speech here* Thank you to Robert, Linda and Sandy for the interviews. Anna for giving me the assignment. And my friends for sitting around with me and coming up with questions.

UPDATE: I finally ordered copies of his book. I’ll be giving it as gifts to a couple couples I’m related to. (Forget I said that Mom, Dad & Rayne.)

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