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In Her Shoes–the movie. AKA I love Mark Feuerstein .

First of all, can I say that I’ve fallen in love with Mark Feuerstein. The whole movie, I was thinking, “But what other show? Where do I recognize him from?” My friend Rachel said, “He was in that episode of Sex in the City.” Um, yeah, I don’t have cable, I didn’t see that episode.

So I had to come home and google him. Good Morning Miami–where he played the hapless Jake Silver and made me melt with the inscription in the book, “Saw this and thought of you, see everything and think if you.” Yeah, yeah. I know, the writer melted my heart, not Mark Feuerstein. But he has to be my favorite Hollywood vessel of heart melting. Plus he’s just one more person on the list of Princeton grads I am envious of (with the novel’s author Jennifer Weiner and authors Robin and Renee.) I would ask Ronnie to set me up with him, except Mr. Feuerstein is married. Didn’t he know I’d be Jewish soon enough and to just wait for me? Apparently he isn’t reading my blog and waiting for me to melt his heart. Damn it, if only I’d fallen for Mr. Hollywood a year ago.

Back on track–he’s the love interest in In Her Shoes. New movie out based on the book of the same name by Jennifer Weiner. I’m a big fan of her books–one of the only women in “chick lit” that I have read every book from (as soon as it hits paperback, Jen–I’m a homeowner, I can’t go willy nilly buying hardback novels.) (Just a side note–how many more sentences do I plan on ending with prepositions? It is painful, isn’t it?)

He’s the perfect, melt my heart, jewish boyfriend. Rachel kept saying, “That’s what your looking for isn’t it? You’d love him, wouldn’t you?” Of course–the important relationship is the sister-sister relationship. Toni Collete and Cameron Diaz were perfect choices–well done! Shirley McLaine–perfect. It was a perfect cast. And the adaptation was fairly accurate. They cut out the big ol’ Princeton part–but the important outcomes of the Princeton part were woven back in seamlessly. Well done to the writers on that.

I won’t ruin it–other than to say, GO SEE IT! Worth the nine bucks–or whatever the going rate for a ticket is in your town. And when you see it, you can imagine me sitting across the table from ideal jewish man and letting him order for me. I’m not sure he lives in Chicago–but if he does, please give him my phone number.


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