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It seems that I can no longer blame my total inability to sleep on the hostel guests on the first floor. They are no longer here and I can still not go to sleep. I haven’t tried yet, but am quite sure I wouldn’t be able to. Last night I went to sleep at 11pm, woke up at 12:30 am, stayed in bed for two hours awake and then went downstairs to chat with Udi for awhile. Then I came back upstairs and tried the time-honored classic of cable tv. That eventually worked and I slept on my very uncomfortable couch until noon.

Now it is 1:30 G.M.T. I have missed the shipping bulletin on BBC4 radio and the nightly playing of both God Save the Queen and Sailing Away. Although, the act of typing is making my eyelids a little heavy, so maybe I’ll go hunker down in front of Sky Cable and try to sleep. Maybe E4 will be replaying tonight’s Friends marathon.

Okay, I’m off to try out the couch again.

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