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I started the year with two meaningful events. I spent January 1st in an all day meditation workshop and January 2nd building a vision board for 2012.

Both were about setting intentions for the secular year and since my collage has actual things I can review, some of those things have happened.

I’m very close to closing on my condo and being free of the burdens of home ownership. (Sort of, I won’t be free of the debt). When I put the Remax sign on my collage, it was because it was in Hebrew, not because it was a For Sale sign, but here I am.

I also moved into an apartment with room to seat 14 for dinner and have done just that a few different times.

I’m riding my bike more, I tried having a garden…I’m still single… perpetually single.

We’re going to do Vision Boards again, this time for the Jewish New Year. I’ll find new goals and set new intentions. I’m certain the process of building the vision board will surprise me with new goals, new intentions and I’m open to that.

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