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Is $1900 too much for Re-bath?

UPDATE (March 1, 2010)You got here doing a search for an estimate on Rebath. This is a personal blog and I don’t know how much Rebath will cost for you, but it was too much for me. Instead I hired someone to strip and refinish my tub in about 3 hours for under $400. It still looks fantastic and I’m very happy.Try this search instead: Rebath contractor chicago Just replace Chicago with your city or town and you’ll find what your looking for. Then check them out on Yelp or Angie’s list to see how good they really are.

My tub is pink. It used to be white, like two weeks ago, but not it is pink. The glaze or finish that the developer used to make it white has all bubbled up and peeled off.

So I got an estimate from Re-bath Chicago, via Home Finishers . It was a hard sell and I might have caved in too fast. To get an acrylic mold put over my existing tub, lifetime warranty on the parts, 2 year on the labor… it is $1900. That was with a “You seem like a nice girl and you listened to me talk about Jesus for 30 minutes” discount.

Yes, Jesus was involved in my estimate. Oy vey.

Is $1900 reasonable? would I be better off reglazing? I certainly wasn’t prepared for the price, but there was financing, so in my temporary insanity, I signed a contract that I can cancel up to Tuesday.

What do you think, folks? Do it? Don’t do it? Other options…

UPDATE: to answer a couple questions.

1. I’ve had the condo three years, so there is definitely no warranty left. The building (and tub) are from the 50s or 60s.

2. Re-bath is to put a acrylic mold over the existing tub, so it’s different than a refinish, but not a gut rehab or anything dramatic.

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