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Is it kosher?

I went to the BIG IMPROV HALLOWEEN party last night. I took my good friend Cathy and sold her on what a great time it would be, cause improv people are so fun and easy to talk to.

Um. No they aren’t. They are when they have an excuse to talk to you or when they know you, but when you are just three months into your improv experience, haven’t done a show, are only at Annoyance, and are in a costume that is questionable in its existence (I went at Norma Jean, pre-Marilyn Monroe. I added a fake mole. Voila! A Costume.)

So I talked to the three people I knew, we walked around and stood next to the wall. Cathy’s very convincing Britney Spears-Fetterline costume made her costume a good conversation starter. But the wild and fun times didn’t start. Or even one good conversation. So we went to a house party on the southish side. We knew more people, but by then my shoes were killing me so I sat down and played tetris on my phone. Still dressed like Norma Jean. Don’t worry.

BUT MY QUESTION is this. At an improv party, is it Kosher to dress up as an SNL character? I mean, it is kind of like dressing up as your hero–so sort of the same as dressing up as a fireman. But it seemed wierd to see people in Spartan Cheerleading costumes and the Chippendale dancers. Would I have wondered if I saw the Blues Brothers? Nope. But more modern (and dead and from chicago) SNL people just made me wonder.

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