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Is this only hard for me?

I spent Saturday in various states of napping. I stayed in bed till 11 or so… went to the diner for an skillet before my walk.. came home… took some Benedryl… got back in bed… got up… moved to the couch and napped until 4PM. That’s when I finally forced my feet into my walking shoes and walked 4 miles instead of 15.

I’d stayed in bed all day because my training walks have gotten so painful, that I was dreading the 15 miles before. What began 6 weeks ago as an incredibly positive experience now keeps me in bed for an entire day. Feeling guilty that I’m not walking and dreading every step.

I did the 4 miles and felt good about it. Good enough to make plans to walk on Sunday with a friend. Just 10 miles, I told myself, that’s all. One good walk. Around Irving Park (mile 7 or so of the walk) my friends Rachel and Amy did a trade off. By Montrose I was limping and we turned around at Lawrence to go back and get Amy’s car. I couldn’t make it home.

The pain changes. Ankles to soles to soul and heart.

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