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Jeff Tweedy at The Vic to benefit Emanuel & Montessori (Updates to prices)

UPDATE for 2010 Googlers: The tickets for his 2010 benefit at the Vic are available from The Vic on Jambase. I haven’t been able to find out who it benefits this year. He did a great solo show at Emanuel Congregation this summer, so I don’t think we’re in the line-up for this one. He’s a great guy to do shows supporting institutions and causes dear to the family’s heart. Thanks Jeff and Susie!

Folks, this is one announcement I’ve been promising for ages. Jeff Tweedy from Wilco is doing a benefit for things that are important to his family. One of those happens to be my synagogue, Emanuel Congregation in Edgewater. To that I say HOLY MOLEY!!! JEFF TWEEDY IS DOING A SHOW TO BENEFIT OUR SYNAGOGUE!!!!

Where? The Vic

When? February 13 and 14

How much? Golden Circle tickets (for parents at his kid’s school and Emanuel members) are $250 $150. These tickets go on sale via Ticketmaster or at The Vic box office, Friday, January 16th at noon through Saturday. The Vic Box office is open from noon to 5PM.

General Admission tickets are $150 $100 and (if there are any left) go on sale on Tuesday, January 20th via Ticketmaster and at The Vic.

(Our flyer suggests we all go to the Saturday night show, since Friday night show is on Shabbat.)

UPDATE: Thanks to Jeff’s lovely wife Susan for clearing this all up on another forum. Yay!

UPDATE 2: This has been confusing…

Priority tickets go on sale today through tomorrow with a special password for people associated with the causes. This are at the Vic or at Ticketmaster.

Golden Circle Tickets $250 Community Patron $150

General Admission $100 goes on sale on Tuesday via Ticketmaster

Shows on the 13th and 14th of February, doors open at 6PM, show begins at 7PM.

UPDATE 3 Advance tickets for the Golden Circle at $250 were on sale Friday and Saturday. $150 tickets go on sale on Tuesday, January 20; general admission tickets (if any tickets are left!) will go on sale January 23 at $100 through Ticketmaster or the Vic box office.


I got my tickets yesterday (just before Obama took the oath of office) and there were still $250 and $150 tickets available. $100 will be available starting on Friday if any remain.

UPDATE 5 (February 4)

The show is NOT sold out (yet). Additional tickets are going to be released on Friday. These include $100 Floor seats and $50 Balcony seats.

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