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Join me for a tour of the internet.

Last night as he dropped me off, my friend Ben told me to check a website about John Kerry. It was a seriously long name, that I thought was probably fake. I asked, “Do you spell douche D-O-U-C-H-E?” “Yeah,” Ben replied. Okay.

This morning I did a google and there it was. John Kerry is a douche bag, but I’m voting for him anyway. To get there directly or tell someone about it, you have to say it all together without punctuation.

I also found some blogs and photo blogs recently, that I keep meaning to share.

Phineas McWhimsy is blogging mostly about dating off of Craigslist in New York. He is having some success and it is fun to read.

This guy, Chris, from Chicago has a blog and a photo blog. Right now he is in a funk about weightloss and love, but who isn’t?

No Milk Please is writting by an guy who is asian, gay, lactose intolerant and a great writer. Go visit him and read a hilarious set of entries about his recent stay in the hospital.

Gaper’s Block is the quentisential Chicago blog. It is written by a dozen or so Chicago folks, who LOVE chicago. (Gaper’s Block, I think, is what happens when people stop to gape at an accident on the freeway, causing a gaper’s block. It happens all the time and is mentioned every five minutes on morning radio.)

Pinkterton’s Blog is one I found months ago, but haven’t been reading lately. I just checked and it is still good and up to date, go there.

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