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Just keep walking.

Saturday I did my 10 mile walk and this morning I did an 8 mile walk (but really only went 7.3 miles, so I made it up later with a bike ride to Lakeview, up to Rogers Park and home). Friday I reached $2000 in donation and stopped soliciting for the weekend, but even without soliciting I reached $2291 today. That means I reached my minimum donation level in just two week. Now to reach my goal of $3600.

Yesterday as I set off, I stopped for a small coffee and bagel at Metropolis and talked to a few customers. One had seen me on the path, but even without an iPod in my ears, I didn’t notice her. I got to chatting with the whole group and learned that one woman in the group was a survivor and one was the son and grandson of survivors. He talked about his grandmother showing him her scar from her mastectomy. The woman at the table talked about the need for care after and help to pay for care. She was bankrupted by breast cancer. While she survived, she went from being middle class to being in poverty, because she was never able to recover financially from breast cancer.

I’m learning much more about BC than I expected doing this walk and hearing stories every day about somebody’s mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, daughter, wife, cousin, friend or the survivor herself. (Not being sexist, I just haven’t heard the story from a man yet.

So I’ll just keep putting one foot in front of the other and doing my walks. Thanks for all the supportive comments, tweets, calls and donations. I’m incredibly grateful.

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