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Latke dreams.

Do latkes affect dreams? I’m starting to think they do.

I had bizarre and vivid dreams last night and a belly full of latkes, so the correlation is obviously there. In the dream, a friend predicted that a former employer wanted me back. Lo and behold, I’m walking in a public place and Ye Olde Boss sidled up to me and said, “We are ready for you to come back, we’ll pay you $30/hour.”

I fought with him, “Why would I ever return? I like paychecks that I can cash.” “We’ve fixed all that and we want you back. I’m serious, $30/hour.”

Then another boss joined us and was trying to talk me back into the old job, again with reassurances that I would get my pay nearly tripled and the financial troubles were over. But he didn’t miss a chance to lay blame for the original troubles on a third party. Some things never change, even in dream land.

It was interesting, because I didn’t want the job back. I don’t in real life and I didn’t in dream life, but I always wanted to be wanted back. In this version of reality, I was wanted back, but turned them down. Which felt better than accepting the offer. Of course, I wonder what it means and I think it means, “Lay off the latkes a bit.”

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