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Let them eat leeks.

I have been easing back into cooking, I’ve been too embarassed since the whole fire alarm incident. I decided to use soup as my entree into cooking. After two batches of Weight Watchers Zero Point soup, I struck out on my own. Without a recipe, I made soup. This is a big step for me–recipeless cooking.

What did I make? Leek and Potato Soup. I had a bowl at the Chelsea kitchen earlier in the week and tried to eek out what might be in it. Then I crossed the street to Safeway and bought the ingredients I thought might make me a pot of yummy soup.

Leeks (why don’t we eat leeks in the U.S? They are so good.) Potatos (Charlotte Potatos, if you must know. They are new potatos, itty bitty and yummy.) Chives & Parsley Garlic Chicken Buillion cubes

I chopped and diced and boiled and stirred and I created a really nice soup. It is still missing something, probably salt and pepper. But for striking out on my own, I am quite happy with the results. The best thing about soup is it gets better sitting in the fridge over night.

Mmmmm. Time for more soup.

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