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Listening to scales and arpeggios.

My upstairs neighbor plays upright bass. He is a jazz musician and his sister is moving to Korea to teach english. Too bad, cause they are really good upstairs neighbors. The bass player practices during the day, when nobody will be disturbed. I find the sound and vibrations of slow scales very comforting and not annoying at all.

Sometimes we run into each other in the stairwell, but I don’t think he’s sure that I’m his downstairs neighbor or the I’m the ice cream girl.

Yesterday my best friend’s future mother-in-law called me. That was totally bizarre. “Is this Leah? This is so-and-so, your best friend’s future mother-in-law. I’m calling to let you know about a BBQ the night before the wedding and we are hoping you can come.” Er, um, yes, of course. I plan on taking three days off of work, so I can go.

I went to Le Sabre last night and watched the teenagers smoke cigarettes and drink coffee and yelp at each other and pull their hat down low over their end of summer haircuts. I read the Reader and had my Gypsy Skillet and lots of decaf coffee. I’m finally ready to admit that coffee might keep me awake at night and I need to cut the caffiene after 8PM or so.

I had nightmares about doing laundry and going to my 5 year reunion this fall. I’m excited, about the reunion–not the laundry, because I look pretty good. Better than I have since I left college and I imagine I’ll only look better come October. Also–I’m in a good state professionally and personally. While I’m going back single with a job in retail, I have had a pretty exciting life so far. Enviable, some might say. The grass is greener, I say.

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