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Looking for Adoptive Parents in Chicago?

Signs of growing up include getting the first round of wedding invitations, the baby shower invitations and finally notices from friends that they are looking to adopt. I’m very excited that my dear friends Dave and Susanne are now on the waiting list. We’ve been friends since early 2005 when we took the same Intro to Judaism course and joined the same synagogue.

Without a doubt, they will be wonderful parents and I thought that the least I could do is share the link to their page. They are looking for a domestic adoption in the US. They have wonderful cultural heritage in their family – she was raised in Japan and he was born in Israel. They open their doors at holidays and feed their friends, volunteer on social action projects and take care of recycling at the shul.

If you know someone looking for adoptive parents in Chicago, Illinois, please send them Dave and Susannes link on the Cradle.

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