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Maybe I dont wanna….

I spent all day trying to be spontaneous. A friend from an old improv class has a show tonight–a show that you need 25 people at, you they won’t let you have the show. Nice one Second City. I’ve been through it with Ronnie et al a few years ago when I was doing comedy. You show up, buy your ticket, stand around to see if 24 other people show. If they do, Hooray! you get to see improv. If they don’t, you are in Old Town on a Monday night.

However, an old college friend hosts an open mike around the corner at my old stomping ground–Tequila Roadhouse. So maybe I will put my shoes back on and go anyway. If the other 24 people don’t show, I can round the corner to Tequila Roadhouse and watch some stand up. And maybe, get on stage?

I’ve been feeling the pull to get back on stage lately. I have this 5 minute speech to write for Friday night that I want to be perfect–we’ll laugh, I’ll cry. And then on the 13th, I’ve been taped to tell a story at a Brotherhood event. Just tell a story–I’ll be doing Little Revolutions, the one woman show I wrote a few years ago.

But it is cold outside and I have to go ALL THE WAY back downtown practically. But I also said I’d be there and he’s a good person. We had some fun scenes together at Annoyance and he also is a very grounded advice giver. Especially when it came to the advice I needed to recover from Mr. Perfect Moment..

And if I don’t go, I’ll have to answer to the folks I invited today who wouldn’t go either. Okay, so I’ll still go. I think I can get there in time. I’ll just heat up some soup really quick and get my shoes on. Oh and clothes, I’m already in my pajamas with a very heavy cat in my lap.

In other news–I spoke up at a meeting today. I recommended the book So Yesterday to my colleagues. I have suggested it before–the Cool Hunter, the Innovater, the Jammers, the Client. The whole world of PR and Marketing wrapped up in yound adult lit. Fantastic.

In other other news–my parents decided that I’m a Connector, according to the description in the Tipping Point. After reading the description and looking at the invitations I send out, I have to agree. The power of the weak tie and my inability to burn a bridge.

Speaking of that I’m going to go to a show of a guy I used to know and if it doesn’t go, then I’ll go to another show of another guy I used to know.

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