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Meetings, meetings.

One thing about being an admin is that my days are free. Not that I don’t have plenty of work to do, but I don’t have meetings getting in the way. I pop in to see my boss when I need to, I drop by a cube or someone I support will drop by mine. Other than a monthly meeting of the admins in my group–my calendar is totally open.

Not so today, for the first time since leaving IES, I spent a day in meetings. I have to admit, it was kind of nice. Not the being away from my desk and unable to my work part, but the learning new stuff part. The learning new stuff about the mysterious industry of PR where I now work. It ain’t selling ice cream, but it also isn’t rocket science.

It is a pretty fascinating field and while other people might have felt the strain of being away from their desks for a few hours, I relished it. The afternoon classes I tried to get out of. I went so far as to ask my colleague (who was teaching it) if he thought I might poke my eyes out from boredom. (Okay, maybe not a brilliant political move on my part. I should stop threatening eye poking out, even if it is self-mutilation.) He said, “Come to the whole thing and quit bitching” (but in more professional terms) and I went to the whole thing. And learned some stuff.

I’ll admit, I thought I had this RSS thing down, but today I got introduced to a proper RSS aggregator. oooh, nice, I’ll be doing more of that. Also a few cool things that I hadn’t noticed about technorati (there is more to do there than just check my popularity.) To thank him for teaching me something, I cooly admited that I watched the ABC sitcom Twins last night. There was a funny (funny meaning awkward and not really funny, cause not good awkward like Larry Davis.) storyline about the father learning to use the internet and finding a blog entry about him.

Comedy, my friends, ensued.

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