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Midlife Crisis at 30

My sister recommended the book to me and I immediately bought it. Ignoring that I’m halfway through three books, this one sounded like one I needed to read. Midlife Crisis at 30: How the stakes have changed for a new generations and what to do about it. It is by Lia Macko and Kerry Rubin.

They begin by talking about the Unnamed Problem that is affecting women of Generation X/Y. Despite great success at work, we often feel a disconnect between our core and our reality. How has the expectation of Doing Anything clashed with the reality of our lives? How did Girl Power become Woman’s Guilt? “You can do anything” became “You should do everything” and now we sit at our desks with great titles and nobody waiting for us to come home.

There is plenty out there on it. Here is one small post, but read the Amazon Reviews and then (seriously) go get this book.

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