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Mmmm…. Mussels.

I’ve been focusing a lot of energy lately on muscles. Well, tonight it was time to focus on mussels. Steamed, belguim mussels at HopLeaf.

I have only had Mussels once before and that was at Belgo in London. After watching other people eat the mussels, I learned that the best way to eat them is to use one mussel shell as the tweezers to pull the mussel from another shell. Overall, a huge pot of mussels is very satisfying and sensual. I’ve watched people struggle with forks, but why bother? Just tweeze away and enjoy the mess.

Tonight I got the mussels for one and a goblet of Leffe. I had a copy of the New Yorker, just in case I couldn’t find anyone to meet me there. In the end, Ashqi met me there and kept me company over my pot of mussels.

We then laughed like hyenas at the bar talking about boys and men. Hyenas, I tell you.

After a six month wait, I gotta tell you, the mussels were worth it.

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