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Mondays fly.

  1. I’m heading to the Apollo theater tonight for a show. Something from Nothing a play aout improv in Chicago in the 80s. Meeting up with Dondi, Michaelyn, Daliah and Jon. Jon and I are still playing catch up–he’s just back from a month in Israel and I want to hear about every single minute.

  2. Found this today. I don’t even know how, but I love it. It is the new New Yorker cover and a great explaination of all the things that could be going on in it. It makes me think of an improv scene I saw or participated in once. A person took a photo with a digital camera, held it out and said,

  1. Got a great email today from Jeff Pendarvis. (See? I’m using your name again.) We knew each other in Durango and went on a date about five years ago when I was at the very, very beginning of stand-up comedy. More than that, he was my main competition in Lunacy every year. So much has changed since then… Lady Falconburgh’s has been sold, neither of us live in Durango, and he is now a proud papa and husband. Great to hear from him. Mazel Tov!

  2. And Mazel Tov to Mike and Jo! The happy couple welcomed Maddie into the world on Cinco de Mayo. A tiny 3 lbs, 13 oz; mother and daughter are doing well. Mazel tov my dears!

  3. And… um… cool! I don’t think I will ever use it, but turning your photos with your camera phone into a comic strip ON YOUR PHONE!

  4. I’m banned in China. Which isn’t entirely true, as I’ve had two or three random hits from China. But this site says I’m banned.

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