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Morphine | Cure for Pain

I don’t know why this song has been speeding through my head all week. I haven’t been telling stories to strangers, not like I used to. It was way more appropriate in my hosteling days when I would tell strangers about friends. Anywho, since it is stuck in my head, it will now be stuck in yours.

And honestly, it is really only the two or three lines that ever really rang true, so there are no secret messages here. I promise.

Last night I told a stranger all about you

They smiled patiently with disbelief I always knew you would succeed no matter what you tried And I know you did it all in spite of me Still I’m proud to have know you for the short time that I did Glad to have been a step up on your way Proud to be part of your illustrious career And I know you did it all in spite of me In spite of me Late last night I saw you in my living room You seemed so close but yet so cold For a long time I thought that you’d be coming back to me Those kind of thoughts can be so cruel So cruel And I know you did it all in spite of me In spite of me

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