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Music is Meat and Potatoes

time for my weekly post… or bi-weekly post… or whatever…

saw hayden this past wednesday at martyr’s which was nice. not overly incredible or anything. however, it was good to see this singer/songwriter – i have been a fan of his for more than five years. although i got to the show late with my date, we still caught quite a few of his songs. and there is nothing wrong with him playing “bass song” on queue when you are walking into the bar. hayden played with sarah harmer (i think that is her last name)… she is good in that women singer/songwriter kind of way. however, i think that she sounded alot like many of the women writers out there now… so to me she was just OK. as a plug for hayden – his new album comes out in a few weeks. check out his last album though. it is solid from start to finish.

now, for the meat. you have had your potatoes…

i am seeing death cab for cutie tonite. now, you have to realize that i just saw them in milwaukee a few weeks back. you could say that they are my favorite band of recent. so, tonite has the possiblity to be a real good one. – i finally picked up thier second album and it is high qaulity stuff. now i will be prepared for anything. (at the last show i didn’t know a few tunes – what kind of fan am i? at least i knew thier first album right? and the third and fourth ones too?)

on this note i have to say thanks to annie (also known as erin “the boardgame player” from leah’s previous entry) for the hookup on a few bands… now we have been talking about what the best album of last year was for some time… obviously i thought death cab’s was, however, i had not heard these two other bands until recently. (i had read and read and read about them but still did not pick them up – despite critical acclaim from indie snobs everywhere)

so, these are the three best albums of last year in my opinion in no particular order:

death cab for cutie – transatlanticism

the wrens – the meadowlands

broken social scene – you forget it in people

(annie’s favorite is broken social scene – a great album….)

maybe, just maybe i will write about tonite’s show and the one i am seeing next week here…. or maybe i will just ramble on about my love affair with the band that i am seeing next tueday. time will tell.

take care, evan.

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