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Music: the good, the bad, the really embarrassing.

I mentioned the other day, that I came across my box oc casette tapes and wasn’t too sure what to do with them. Put them all in the alley or sort them out. In the end, I sorted through them. I kept all the mixed tapes from friends and a few other “gems” and put the rest in the alley. On the box, I wrote a note begging someone to take the whole box.

They did. Now they have 10 years of my worst music selections. If you want to know how bad my bad music was, here is a list of what I deemed worthy of taking to the new condo.

  1. Celestial Navigations

  2. Ben Folds Five–whatever and ever amen

  3. Mixed tape from Geoff

  4. American Music-men, women (mixed by be, before Argentina)

  5. They Might Be Giants–They Might Be Giants

  6. Barenaked Ladies–Born on a Pirate Ship

  7. Interview about East Timor recorded by my Physics Professor Peter Miller (sigh)

  8. Moxy Fruvous–Bargainville

  9. Who are the people in your neighborhood (mixed by me, before Argentina. Songs about people.)

  10. Gray Maxwell Tape, possibly mixed by Geoff

  11. The Proclaimers

  12. Moxy Fruvous–you will go to the moon

  13. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan–Mustt Mustt

  14. Songs for Argentina, mixed by Ryan before Argentina

  15. Beth’s Faves 1999, mixed by Beth before college graduation

  16. 24 hours and counting, mixed by me 24 hours before San Francisco.

  17. King Missile–The Way to Salvation

  18. Celestial Navigations–ICE, Chapter Three

  19. The Pogues–If I Should Fall From Grace with God

  20. June 1997/July 1997, mixed by me in the summer of 1997, Iowa (three copies)

  21. Trainspotting #2

  22. Ani is a Creep, mixed by Kristen during Junior Year

  23. Jane’s Addictions/Beastie Boys, preparation for San Francisco

  24. Leahj by: Leandro–Spanish comedy album from friend in Argentina

  25. Tape from Pat Humphrey

  26. Airmail, mixed by IES La Plata Fall 1998

  27. South Show Music 1994

  28. Charley Garcia, Modern Clix, mixed by Gabriel in Argentina

  29. San Fran Rayne–a tape mixed by my sister for San Francisco

If this is what I saved, what did I get rid of? A whole bunch of $3 tapes that where recorded by not the original artists. Spanish language tapes, Ricky Martin, The Soundtrack to the Bodyguard, and many other titles.

Ronnie and I got into a talk about what my first CD purchase was. This is something that most people have emblazoned in their brains, but I can’t figure out for the life of me. Even though music equals memories to me, the buying of music isn’t that important. Of course, a lot of my purchases are attached to crushes on boys. Galactic, Liquid Soul, Jane’s Addiction, Beastie Boys, Bare Naked Ladies. All purchases directly chosen for a crush. Rich the Fireman, Rock N Roll, Adam, Adam, Ryan.

The stuff I buy for myself falls into wierd catagories. My first phase was, “If it has lyrics, it isn’t music,” which was quickly followed by, “It can have lyrics, but they can’t be in english.” Looking at my CDs, I think the oldest CD in the pile must be….

Either the Jazz Masters 5 CD collection or Gustav Holst’s The Planets.

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