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My new loves in London.

The iPod has changed my life. Yes. I’m sold. I should have bought one for myself a few years ago, but I didn’t. But my brother sent me one last month and it is awesome. The best part has been discovering the boys in London, originally in Cambridge, who produce the weekly show Kol Cambridge. An hour of Israeli music, 30 minutes of classic Israel tunes, and 30 minutes of Jewish tunes.

I’m getting introduced to tons of great Israeli music and the primary presenter Antithesis is also a rapper. AND he donates the proceeds from his music to charity. Not bad, eh? This summer he penned a tune called, “Yes to peace, No to terror,” about the war in Israel. I suggest subscribing to the podcast. Yes, the podcast! They have made 2 years of archives into podcasts, so you can rock out to a new show on every commute.

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